Aziza Hon

About the Author

Aziza Hon was born into a large family in an urban settlement in the Fergana region of Uzbekistan. She worked as a journalist for twenty years in Tashkent, her country’s capital city. She is fluent in Uzbek, Russian, and English.


She moved to the USA in 2006 and now lives with her family in Connecticut. The Light of Infinite Memories is her first published work of fiction.

The Light Of Infinite

The debut novel from Aziza Hon.

About the Book

The Light of Infinite Memories spans the centuries as a young woman is pushed far into the past through a time-portal while seeking escape from persecution by Hitler’s fascist regime. In present-day Afghanistan, two weary travelers are sent on an unrealized mission to bring peace to a troubled planet. A group of Italians finds their train stranded in a Mexican desert. This fictional tale weaves elements of fantasy and realism together in an enjoyable mixture, with original illustrations by Shavkat Muzzafar.

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